FHR Counselors are well-trained, trusted professionals who provide advice, guidance and coaching to individuals and households in order to assist them in reaching their housing goal whether they are to purchase a home, rent a housing unit or avoid foreclosure.  Counselors empower clients to make more informed decisions, not only on their home purchase but also future financial decisions involving homeownership.  Click on the area of interest in the menu to the left.

FHR is Certified by HUD as a Housing Counseling Agency and has adopted The National Standards for Homeownership Education, Counseling and Foreclosure Intervention.  Counselors are individually certified in their field of service.

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  • Borrowers who receive pre-purchase mortgage counseling and education are about one-third less likely to become seriously delinquent within the first two years of obtaining their mortgages compared to borrowers who do not receive counseling. (NeighborWorks®)
  • Homeowners who received National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling were nearly twice as likely to obtain mortgage modifications.  These homeowners were at least 67% more likely to remain current on their mortgages 9 months after receiving loan modification. (NeighborWorks®)
  • Of the nearly 800 households that benefitted from FHR services in 2013, 52% of the households had children, 65% were single parents and of those single parents, 75% were women head of households.  Of the 316 households facing foreclosure, FHR was able to assist approximately 189 (60%) to find alternatives to foreclosure and keep their homes.