Family Housing Resources, Inc. (FHR) was established in 1991 as a statewide organization dedicated to providing low and moderate income individuals and families an opportunity to obtain quality, affordable housing through both rental and homebuyer support programs.

FHR is one of the largest and most respected affordable housing providers/servicers in Arizona. Through ownership of 3 apartment properties totaling over 186 units, FHR is committed to increasing Arizona’s affordable housing stock through acquisition, rehabilitation and development of multifamily properties. In addition, FHR has assisted over 10,000 individuals and families during the last 20 years in achieving the American Dream: homeownership.

FHR operates two major housing divisions – Homeownership and Multifamily Residential Services.

FHR provides individualized counseling and education classes for homebuyers. Our certified and experienced staff will provide you with the information you need to make an educated and affordable home purchase. Depending upon funding available at the time, FHR provides down payment and closing costs assistance to eligible homebuyers. Once you purchase a home, counselors are available for continued counseling services with issues such as refinancing and financial management. For those with difficulty paying their mortgage payments, FHR provides extensive counseling in conjunction with your mortgage servicer to help you resolve your delinquency, modify your loan or assist with transitioning to other housing arrangements. Counseling services are free of charge.
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Multifamily Residential Services
FHR is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout its portfolio of 3 rental properties. Two if these were funded through the Low Income Tax Credit Program to assist the low income population of Tucson. The newest addition to the portfolio is a Section 202 community for very low income seniors.
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