FHA – Back to Work

FHR provides the required housing counseling services to homebuyers who are requesting a Letter of Completion of Housing Counseling for the FHA Back to Work Program.

The initial appointment is approximately one hour in duration and the counseling fee is $100 to be paid by check or money order upon arrival.  An additional $18.40 will be collected for each homebuyer for a credit report.  A tri-merged credit report is required for the counseling session.  Homebuyers may be able to get a copy of their credit report from their lender and avoid this additional cost.

The homebuyer will receive the Letter of Completion and Required Disclosures at the end of the first counseling session.  Additional counseling will be available when the homebuyer applies for a loan, has signed a purchase contract and/or as needed.

FHR strongly recommends that the homebuyer attend FHR’s Homebuyer Education class in addition to the one-on-one appointment.  Call (520) 318-0993 to schedule in the next class.

Prior to the initial appointment the homebuyer submits:

  • The completed FHR Intake Form
  • The completed Budget Form (column one – as a renter)
  • Their credit report(s) or authorization form if FHR will obtain the report
  • Any lender information such as loan qualification, 1003 and costs worksheet if available.Call 318-0993 to set up an appointment.