Mortgage Default Counseling


All homeowners are subject to events beyond their control that may make it difficult to maintain their mortgage obligations. If you fall behind on your mortgage it is very important that you communicate with your lender. Foreclosures are expensive for lenders; they usually welcome a workable solution.  Housing counselors provide one-on-one counseling for homeowners in any stage of mortgage delinquency, including:

•Communicate with your mortgage servicer about modification of your loan
•Evaluate your budget so that you can make an action plan
•Discussion of options and alternatives to keep your home or minimize your loss
•Access to all local and federal programs to provide assistance, including Save Our Home AZ

Mortgage CounselorsTo meet with a qualified counselor, call FHR at  (520) 318-0993 . There is no charge for mortgage delinquency counseling. Se habla español.

Documents needed for an appointment.
MD App. & List – (En Espanol)
Budget Worksheet – (En Espanol)
Intake Form – (En Espanol)

Be aware of scams!
There are people who may try to take advantage of your financial difficulty.
Seek a qualified housing counselor that does not charge you for services they have not provided or promised.

FHR is certified by HUD as a Housing Counseling Agency and has adopted The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education, Counseling and Foreclosure Intervention.  Housing counselors and educators are individually certified with Neighborworks Center for Homeownership Counseling and Education.